The verification effect

The effect of Testfakta's quality label.

Potentially triple the business with the Testfakta Verified quality mark

Published: 27 Oct, 2023

We gave respondents the choice of three brands of LED lamps.
When the mid-priced private label brand received a third-party endorsement in the form of the Testfakta Verified Quality & Performance label, the purchase intent skyrocketed from initially low 8% to a flopping 24% thus outperforming the branded product.

How verification works

The verification test is particularly suitable for private label or low-price brands. A third-party validation of the product’s quality aims to reverse potentially negative consumer perceptions.

A Verification test is less comprehensive than a Benchmark test but follows the same methodology and places the same high demands on implementation.

Unlike a Benchmark test, the client's product is tested individually or in comparison with only a few selected reference products.

Testfakta’s work includes the purchase of test objects, initiating the laboratory test, photo and video documentation as well as interpretation, evaluation, and grading of the results with a summary presentation for the client. If the client so chooses, Testfakta will publish an article about the laboratory test and the result, photo documentation, and a graph that shows how the client's product compares to the reference products and/or set requirements for Testfakta Verified Quality & Performance. The client will also have the right to use Testfakta's quality label Verified Quality & Performance during the contract period.