A new environmental certification scheme for bio-based products

Testfakta Bio-based promotes the development and use of fossil-free products and packaging.

Contrary to other labels, Bio-based gives a clear and transparent percentage of bio-based content in a product or its packaging and thus makes sustainable choices easier for consumers.

One fundamental criterion for Testfakta Bio-based certification is that a high proportion of the product must be bio-based, compared with other, similar products. Another is that the product must meet essential environmental and performance requirements.

The minimum proportion of bio-based content required for certification varies among product categories. In some products, bio-based content is only a small proportion of the total product weight. Cleaning fluids, for example, consist largely of water.

Manufacturer’s details confirmed by analysis

Companies register their interest in certifying products, and it is the company’s responsibility to attest that the product meets the certification criteria. The product also undergoes an independent analysis in which its bio-based composition is measured. Confirmation of the manufacturer’s data concerning the proportion of bio-based content is thus obtained by a scientifically based, transparent method.

The Process


Registration of interest

A product owner registers the interest in certifying it.

Specification of requirements

Based on the product type, we require basic documentation about the origin of the raw materials. For example that they come from sustainable farming. Testfakta reverts with detailed certification process description and the costs involved.

Certification agreement

The product owner and Testfakta Bio-based sign an agreement on assessment and certification

Assessment of the product

The documentation is investigated and the proportion of biomass in the product analysed. The review and analysis results are reported.

Bio-based content

Using detailed information about the product's composition, Testfakta calculates the proportion of bio-based raw materials. The result is verified using a carbon-14 analysis.


Product labelling

If the product meets the certification requirements, an agreement is signed on the right to label the product as Testfakta Bio-based.


Licensing and Communication

The right to carry the label is granted for a period of three years - provided that there are no changes in the composition or formula.

Testfakta provides the label, clearly stating the amount of Bio-based raw material in relation to the total biomass in per cent. Every label has its unique reference code and is published on Testfakta's homepage.