Impartial laboratory tests instead of bought social media likes

Lab tests reveal objective facts and differences rather than subjective preference and taste.


The media are overloaded with top 10 lists claiming to showcase the best products in different categories. Unfortunately, most are based on subjective curation, personal taste, or sponsorship. It is important for us and our clients that there are no doubts about our independence and objectivity. That's why we only carry out our tests in accredited laboratories in order to scientifically uncover the bare facts and subtle differences that consumers cannot judge for themselves.

Over the years we have tested everything from everyday products like laundry detergents or diapers to more expensive items like household appliances or e-bikes. In fact, there's little we haven't tested yet. Our network of some of Europe's leading testing and research laboratories guarantees scientific weight and creates credibility.

Laboratory Network

Testfakta works with around 40 leading testing and research laboratories throughout Europe.

Everything from large international laboratory networks such as SGS, Intertec or Eurofins to Swedish state-owned RISE or smaller highly specialized laboratories such as Velotec in Schweinfurt, Germany, the Instituto de Biomecanica at the Universitat Poltècnica de València in Spain or the FoodLab in Thessaloniki, Greece.



The laboratories of the network are accredited and specialized in areas such as:

  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Tools and machines
  • Sport and leisure
  • Products for children and parents
  • Bicycles and e-bikes
  • Household
  • Electrical appliances
  • Textile