Each year, we destroy more than 100 beds

...without losing any sleep over it.

Thorough testing of beds goes well beyond the experience you and me can have when "test-laying" in different sorts of beds in the shop.

At Testfakta, we cooperate with three different highly specialized laboratories to test the long-term straining effects on different zones of the mattress and the breathability of the bed, i.e. we simulate in a laboratory setting the pressure on the shoulder, hip and leg areas and how well the air can circulate through the bed, considering that the average person transpires about two liter of moisture each night.

These tests are set up at  EIM, Ergonomie Institut München, Germany. At the Swedish RISE laboratories, we then test the material and fabric stability and longevity in Borås and finally at RISE in Mölndal, the absence of any hazardous chemicals. All together this is likely the most comprehensive testing program available today.