Always double digit sales increase


"The end result is always that we improve what we do" says Mats Malmberg, Quality & Sustainability Manager, Rusta AB

Published: 26 Nov, 2020

Rusta is a Swedish low price retail chain at about 200 locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany. Testfakta conducts regular quality and verification tests for the retailer.

Mats continues: "We consider Testfakta a productive, solution-oriented partner on our continued growth journey. As an effect of the cooperation, we have seen validation for our fantastic products and on occasion they have also done less well in Testfakta's tests. But the end result is always that we improve what we do.

Rusta's customers already know that we have surprisingly low prices, but getting an independent third party to confirm that the products are also of good quality brings us closer to our quality vision - "A lot for your money."

Testfakta's quality labels create confidence and build trust in Rusta. Their impact on sales is fantastic. It is always double-digit increase, and in one case, we even saw a three-figure rise.